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What's In It For YOU!

Lisa Browning is an extremely experienced agent who will more than earn her fee. This means she knows more about selling your home than any other Realtor!  This also means she'll do all the right things to professionally market your home in the best possible light to attract the most qualified buyers! This means you'll never worry about an unqualified buyer tying up your property!  This also means she will give you advice on pricing, staging, recommended repairs, landscaping, etc...so your home will SELL quickly and for the most money!  This means she will aggressively market your home to all local Realtors, have professional photos taken to include a virtual tour, expose it all over the Internet and design a custom, professional flyer.  Your home will be correctly displayed on Multiple Service Listing(MLS).  You'll be provided with a yard sign and keybox.  You'll be kept up to the minute on all progress made including feedback, offers and all closing details, etc...  Lisa has 31 years of experience and will use it to negotiate the best possible price for your home!  In the current brisk Metroplex market where multiple offers are common, Experience Counts!   For this great service you probably are not expecting a discount. Well, let's give you some great news then that may sway you to choose Lisa as your Agent! Interested?  READ ON:

Central Realty Charges 1% to sell your home!* This does not include a Buyer's Agent fee (which may or may not be necessary). Many of their listings are sold without another agent involved in which case, you pay only 1%!  What does all this mean?  It means the most commission you will pay to sell your home is 4% (paying buyer's agent 3%) but you could also pay as little as 1%( if no other agent is involved)!  This flexibility is called a variable rate commission and sets our program far and above the competition. 

And it gets even better!

Buying a larger home in the area?**  If you use Central Realty to purchase your next home they will waive their 1% listing fee and in essence sell your home for FREE!



           Interested in hearing more? Give Lisa a call today!  903-681-6262



      *Central Realty has a minimum fee of $1000...so 1% or $1000 whichever is greater.  ** if you are downsizing we will rebate 1% of the home you are purchasing.



Lisa Browning
Ph: 972-991-7283
License # 0374097
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Lisa Browning, Broker/Owner Central Realty, TREC lic. #374097, 903-681-6262